Magnet School of Communications

Web Design

Web Design I is the first level of Web Page Design, and it prepares students with work-related skills for advancement into postsecondary education or industry.

Digital Arts & Design

Digital Design offers a foundation in visual concepts and design strategies. Content is designed to foster skills that are essential in a variety of industries.

TV Production

The TV Production program of study is designed for students interested in a range of entertainment and news media fields. Course content centers on production of various broadcasting products, including commercials, music, news, and interactive programming.


Upon completion of the Journalism program of study, students will be prepared to seek employment or advanced training as a copywriter, art director, designer, journalist, and many other careers in entertainment and media.

Radio Broadcasting

Radio & Broadcasting gives students basic knowledge and skills to prepare them for secondary or entry level employment in the audio industry.

Health Sciences

Diagnostic Medicine

Diagnostic Medicine creates a picture of an individual's health status at a single point in time. This could include following careers and career areas: audiologist, cardiology, imaging, medical laboratory, radiography, nuclear medicine, stereotactic radiosurgery, cytotechnology, clinical laboratory technician, pathologists, medical physician, histotechnologist.

Emergency Medical Services

Emergency Medical Service (EMS) is designed for students interested in a career in pre-hospital or emergency patient care. Career options may include emergency room physician, emergency medical technician, paramedic, or emergency room nurse.

Health Science Education

Health Science Education is an introductory course designed to prepare students to pursue careers in the fields of biotechnology research, therapeutics, health informatics, diagnostics, and support services. This course will serve as a strong foundation for all of the Health Science programs of study.

Medical Theraputics

This course provides knowledge and skills to maintain or change the health status of an individual over time. Medical therapeutics includes instruction in; Dental Careers, Medical Assisting, Nursing , Pharmacy, Nutritional Services, Social Work, and Home Health Care.

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness provides an overview of the involvement of public safety professionals and healthcare professionals in the response to various natural and unnatural emergencies. Upon completion of this course, a proficient student will be able to identify the magnitude of a natural or unnatural disaster and its effects on the many facets of communities.

Skilled Professions


Engineering is a course that will introduce students to skills related to describe various engineering disciplines, as well as admissions requirements for postsecondary engineering and engineering technology programs .

Construction Core

Construction Core is a course that will introduce students to basic skill and knowledge applicable to all construction trades.


Principles of Cosmotology is the first level of cosmetology, and it prepares students with skill-set that they need to advance into the Design Principles of Cosmetology course.


Electrical class provides skills to residential and commercial electrical systems.